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Zambia/Botswana Global Health

There are two options for the global health program – 1) public health or 2) health care


Public Health Internship

The public health internship places you on the frontline of Zambia’s public healthcare system.  Obtain practical experience working on key community health issues. 

  • Engage with healthcare workers, professionals, and NGOs in varied settings to acquire an inside view of current health challenges.  

  • Deliver workshops on health promotion and disease prevention topics. 

  • Learn how to collect data, interpret survey methodology, analyze health indicators, and report results within a supportive and solution-focused program. 

  • You also observe patient care provided by local staff in health clinics and provide support to these clinics (e.g., assistance in taking basic vitals); as well as making home-based health visits to patients in rural communities with local caregivers.


Health Care Internship

The health care internship allows for focus on clinical activities in communities where medical resources are scarce and access to healthcare is limited. 

  • Home-based health visits in rural communities with local caregivers

  • Assistance in taking basic vitals

  • Observing patient care in health clinics and providing support to health staff​

  • Take part in health talks and health education workshops and HIV education for those living in traditional rural villages. 


This is ideal for those considering a career in health care.  


Afternoon Development Projects

You will also join in a variety of development projects that help uplift the community including After School Care, Reading Club, Adult Literacy Class, Girl Empowerment, and Life Skills workshops.

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