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Randy M Page

The Global Health Internship Program Director is Dr. Randy M Page.  Dr. Page is a Professor in the Department of Public Health and is also Coordinator of the International Development Minor.

He has been director of this program since 2013, when he created the BYU Global Health Internship program.  Dr. Page has created international experiences for nearly 400 students since coming to BYU.  

Dr. Page has traveled to over 35 countries and provided international study experiences in 20 different countries.


Tana Page

Tana Page is the Co-Director for the Global Health Internship Program.  Tana has a masters degree in health education, has authored textbooks, is a noted public speaker, and is the grandmother to 13 grandchildren.  In her "spare" time she is adjunct faculty teaching methodology courses in BYU's Department of Public Health.  As Co-Director for the Global Health Internship she teaches the international preparation class for Global Health Internships, interviews and recruits students, and conducts site visits to students while they are interning abroad.

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