In partnership, with Child and Family Health International (CFHI) students can elect an internship experience in either Argentina or Ecuador. 



If you choose to go to Argentina, you will be in the university city of Cordoba and have two options: Hospital Medicine, or Primary Care and Social Medicine.  

  • Hospital Medicine consists of rotations at some of the oldest and most renowned teaching hospitals in Latin America, such as the premier infectious disease hospital and the largest public pediatric hospital in the region.  

  • Primary Care and Social Medicine students rotate alongside primary healthcare providers, the first point of access into the healthcare system, at clinics, community health centers, and hospitals. 



If you choose to go to Quito, Ecuador, you have three options: Urban/Rural Andean Health, Intensive Beginner Spanish & Healthcare in Ecuador, or Women’s Reproductive & Sexual Health.  

  • Urban/Rural Andean Health students spend half of their time in an urban Quito hospital or clinic, and half in a small rural town to discover how resources, diseases, and access to care differ vastly within this diverse country.  

  • Intensive Beginner Spanish & Healthcare in Ecuador students take intensive Spanish instruction during their first two weeks and participate in a community engagement project to learn the cultural and social context of Quito.  The next two weeks is placement in clinical rotations at hospitals or community level clinics.  In the process, students gain confidence communicating in Spanish within social and professional settings, as well as an understanding healthcare systems and how Ecuadorians access these services.  

  • Women’s Reproductive & Sexual Health students rotate at: 1) a public maternity hospital where high-risk pregnancies are managed, including prenatal and postnatal care, labor and delivery, and emergency care; 2) an adolescent clinic, where pregnant patients and new mothers between the ages of 12 and 18 are treated; or 3) a primary healthcare center providing women’s health services (e.g., pap smears, IUDs).   Students not interested in a clinical health career, and interested in public health will receive excellent public health placements in Ecuador.   All programs include Spanish instruction on-site.