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In partnership, with Child and Family Health International (CFHI) students can elect an internship experience in  Ecuador. 


If you choose to go to Ecuador, there are two options.


Option 1 is for those who already have a foundation in Spanish.  Students will spend half of their time in urban Quito hospitals or primary clinics, and the other half in the small town of Nanegalito.  This provides for experiencing first-hand the health challenges in clinical settings that represent the rural and urban divide in Ecuador.  Students will become immersed in Ecuadorian culture and language while living with local families, and participate in Spanish language classes with an emphasis on medical Spanish. 


Option 2 is for those who lack a foundation in Spanish.  Students will spend four weeks in Quito.  The first two weeks is comprised of intensive Spanish instruction and participation in a community engagement project with a local NGO to learn the cultural and social context of Quito.  The next two weeks students are placed in clinical rotations at hospitals or community level clinics.  Students gain confidence communicating in Spanish within social and professional settings, as well as an understanding of healthcare systems and how Ecuadorians access these services.

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