Public Health Education

Depending on local needs, public health education interns will work in local clinics, community centers, and food banks. Public health education interns prepare and deliver public health workshops to locals, who may include children or adults, in community or health clinic settings.  


Health Care

Health care interns shadow and assist doctors and other healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics. Health care interns are usually placed at either a maternal/child hospital or a pediatric hospital. 

There are usually about 4 spots available at Hospital Materno Infantil and 2-3 spots at the pediatric Hospital de la Amistad.

Taylor Christiansen and Kara Phipps

Menstrual Hygiene Education Workshop

Tanner Thompson 1.png

Tanner and Zach Thompson, 

Hospital de la Amistad

Clara Elnicky, Sawyer Colvin, and Lily Tillett

Hospital Materno Infantil