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 Mexico Global Health

In partnership, with Child and Family Health International (CFHI) students can elect a global health internship experience in Mexico.  There are two options.  Both options will be in Oaxaca, a very poor region of Mexico known for its rich, interesting culture that includes over 18 different ethnic groups each with their own unique language and culture.  Option 1 is for students with a foundation in Spanish and consists of rotations at community level clinics and hospitals serving low-income populations in Oaxaca.  Students will join local healthcare professionals and learn about primary care and preventative medicine, as well as community health education programs.  They will become immersed in Mexican culture and language through Spanish classes and living with a local family in Oaxaca.  Option 2 is for students with little or no Spanish background.  They will take intensive beginner Spanish classes during the first two weeks while also engaging with the staff of local non-profit organizations providing social services in the community.  During the last half of the program, students practice newly acquired language skills while taking part in clinical rotations such as community clinics serving low-income populations.

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