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Engage in a holistic youth development project in a rural Fijian village. In this village, you will work with a local youth group to help young people increase their confidence, skills, and knowledge in these areas of development: public health, mental health, sports development, and life skills and enterprise.  



Student interns will be involved in each of these areas and activities:

  • Public health: Using materials developed by the Fijian Ministry of Health, you will promote healthy habits including nutrition, diet, smoking, drugs, and non-communicable disease (NCD) awareness.  You may also help gather data, conduct BMI tests, or survey village water and sanitation. 

  • Mental health: Collaborate and discuss concepts of mental well-being; spread awareness with young people around stigma and misinformation; and open up conversations about positive mental health through simple activities. 

  • Sports development:  Inspire young Fijians to see the benefit of sports.  Help them develop their own games and structured grass roots sports teams.  Plan and lead coaching sessions for village children and community members to advocate sports for health and well-being.   

  • Life skills and enterprise:  Empower young Fijians by introducing topics such as time management, money management, communication, or interview practice.  Promote resume writing, job opportunities and basic business concepts.  Help inspire Fijians to think about careers or creating village micro-enterprises that could provide future opportunity. 


You will also work in an after school program supporting children living in the village.  The aim of the program is to provide Fijian children with opportunities to try new activities, and develop self-belief and confidence in the process.  Student interns can follow their passion and introduce, sports, games, creative activities, and academic tutoring activities. 


 A unique highlight of the program is living in a rural Fijian village in a homestay with a family.  You will be immersed in Fijian culture and the simple activities of daily Fijian life.  Each evening, you will enjoy a traditional dinner, spend time with your adopted Fijian family, and take part in activities hosted by your village.  You will experience; learning how to weave palm leaves, cooking Fijian food in underground earth ovens, participating traditional ceremonies, husking coconuts or fishing ‘Fiji-style.’  


The program begins with a 3-day briefing at a beautiful tropical beach resort where you will be oriented about the projects and learn about Fijian culture.  The program culminates with your final couple of days relaxing again at a beautiful beach resort, where you will provide critical feedback for improving projects, reflect on your experience in Fiji, and celebrate your achievements with a farewell dinner.



This program is in partnership with Think Pacific.  Students will join other BYU students as well as university students from the United Kingdom in this team experience. 

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