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Students shadow doctors in 2021 in Seville, Spain

What You Do

Shadow physicians for 20+ hours per week, observe multiple specialties and gain a more global perspective of medicine and health care firsthand.  As you explore different medical specialties, you see the European healthcare system from the inside. 


Outside of the hospital, students broaden horizons by exploring Spain and participate in educational activities designed to examine and compare various international health systems including European and U.S. systems of care. 


Thinking About a Career in Medicine/Health?

The program is an excellent opportunity for those thinking about a career in medicine, nursing, allied health, health care systems or administration, public health, or health care policy.  It helps you discern if a career in health care is right for you and can fine-tune your career interests.


Do You Need to Speak Spanish? 

Physician partners are prepared to host English-speaking students.  Because all of the physician interactions with patients are in the host language, students who can speak Spanish will have a very rich experience. 


The program will be located in Seville, where students will shadow doctors in the hospital and participate in local cultural and recreational excursions. Seville is located in the region of Andalucia in southern Spain.  From Seville students can easily get to other interesting spots in Andalucia such as Cordoba, Cadiz, Malaga, Ronda, Nerja, and Granada home of the spectacular Alhambra.  It is also easy to get to Madrid, Toledo, and Valencia via high speed trains.  Portugal's beautiful Algarve coast is just a couple of hours away by bus.

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