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Join highly trained medical providers on the front lines of health care in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.  


  • Bangkok, home to the iconic Grand Palace, is the most populous city of Thailand and is the most visited city in the world by international travelers. 


  • Chiang Mai is renowned for its majestic temples, bustling markets and night bazaars, amazing Thai food, natural beauty in surrounding mountains and hill tribe villages, and elephants in nearby sanctuaries and parks.   



Thailand is rapidly gaining in recognition for the quality of its healthcare services, and attracts hundreds of thousands of international patients each year for state-of-the art medical treatment.   You will be paired with a full-time doctor or nurse and will shadow this professional on daily rounds from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, as they consult with patients, administer treatment, and perform surgeries.  All of the doctors with whom interns will work are highly qualified.  Many have received their credentials overseas in the United States or United Kingdom.  The professional that you shadow will have excellent command of the English language.   Each stage of observation is carefully monitored to ensure the safety and comfort of the patients involved.  This incredible experience is characterized by an unrivaled level of access that is not available in most countries.  Internships take place in international-standard hospitals that are carefully vetted full-service private and public hospitals featuring state-of-the art infrastructure and in most cases include each of the following departments:  general surgery; dermatology; diagnostic radiology; ear, nose, and throat; intensive care unit; neurosurgery; and orthopedic surgery. 



The program is ideal for students considering or committed to career in health care.   



This program will run for 4 weeks during Summer Term beginning on Monday July 5.  Student may need to arrive in Thailand the day before.  The exact date students should arrive in Thailand will be announced in time to make travel arrangements.



Accommodation will be in a volunteer house that has air-conditioned bedrooms and provides free wifi.  The house has kitchen and a washing machine.  Multiple laundry services are nearby that provide washing, drying, an ironing very inexpensively. 

The image on this page is from Sansin Tipchai from Pixabay

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