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 Rwanda Customized Internships

Photo by Nicole Heddens

Are you seeking a highly relevant global experience in your field of study that enables you to develop professional skills and offers you a thorough cultural immersion in a unique African country?


Custom Internships enable you to develop and apply your theoretical and practical knowledge in a supervised placement.


  1. You are matched by Global Engagement Institute (GEI) with a local host organization tailored according to your level of study, existing skills, and desired fields.

  2. A specific internship plan is developed in advance of each placement.

  3. In addition to the placement, you will benefit from a pre-placement orientation, a weekly classroom or field session with interdisciplinary training, and a weekly formal supervisory meeting.

  4. Students in any major or minor can apply for this program, but students should have already acquired a theoretical foundation and preferably a practical skillset in their discipline and placements are typically available in a range of fields. This includes medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, allied health, oral health, mental health, veterinary medicine, business, social innovation, global studies, communications & media, law, development, education, sustainability, engineering, or natural resource management.  Host sites for pre-medicine, nursing, public health, and other health sciences include university teaching hospitals, other select urban and rural hospitals and health centers, as well as NGOs and public health-related government institutions such as the Rwanda Biomedical Center.

  5. During the internship period, students have the option to live in a homestay with a Rwandan family in order to enrich cultural learning and immersion. 


Our partner in Rwanda is Global Engagement Institute.  Click here to go to their website