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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Spanish language skills required for internships in Spanish-speaking countries?

In some instances, students developing proficiency in Spanish may be considered and accepted by approval of the program director and partner organization.


  •  Will students meet other program participants before arriving in-country?

Yes! Students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with one another in the required preparation course (IAS 397)  and other pre-internship gatherings.

Recommendation: make a group chat and help each other prepare and plan flights and excursions, discuss packing lists, and help each other with other requirements and appropriate internship preparation.


  • When will students hear back after they have applied?

Students can expect to be contacted for an interview at the beginning of November. In most cases, a  final decision will be made by Christmas.

  • When are applications due?

The priority deadline for Global Health Internships was December 2nd.  (Tip: if you apply early, you get priority in the acceptance process.)  However applications are still open until February 1st for most of the programs.


  • How do students apply?

Students can apply for Global Health Internships through the Kennedy Center Website. 

After being accepted by the Kennedy Center, students will need to apply or complete an enrollment with the partner organization that sponsors their program. This information can be found on the Kennedy Center Website, under the “more” tab, once the desired program is selected.

  • Can I do this with a spouse who is not part of the program?

YES.  However, keep in mind that spouses need to be full participants in the program.

  • Can students select program length or decide how long to stay in-country?

Most Global Health Internships adhere to a strict time table. If you have specific questions, please contact Randy Page.  Please note that we have 3 week, 4 week, 5 week, and 6 week programs.


  • Which classes do I need to take in preparation for my Global Health Internship?

All students are required to take a preparatory internship course (IAS 397).

This course is typically offered Mondays from 4:00-5:00pm and usually have a repeat session that runs directly after from 5:00-6:00pm, for students who cannot make the first session.

   TIPS from former students:

  • Use the “Hopper” app for booking flights or use the BYU travel and booking agency.

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