Program Description

General Clinic and Maternal and Child Hospital

In collaboration with KIHEFO in Kigale, Uganda, you will rotate through the main general clinic, as well as the newly built Maternal and Child Hospital where you will take part in rounds with physicians, nurses, medical officers, lab, and ultrasound technicians.



At the HIV/AIDS clinic, sit in on counseling sessions, assist health workers with testing and learn how to reduce rates of mother-to-child transmission.


Outreach to Rural Villages

Conduct outreach in remote rural villages where health and dental care are delivered to those who have little or no access to health care. 

Other Opportunities

Other opportunities include rotating at a nutrition center that treats and prevents maternal and child malnutrition, visiting traditional birth attendants and healers, and joining a local radio program that provides public health education to the community. 


You will learn about KIHEFO’s groundbreaking, integrated approach to addressing and improving maternal and child health and health care in general. Due to insufficient government infrastructure and funding, nonprofit organizations have taken the lead in providing access to healthcare services, especially in remote regions. 


Not Particularly Interested in Health?

Students not as interested in health care or public health can opt to focus on KIHEFO’s sustainable development projects, such as an innovative rabbit breeding program that enables individuals to make a sustainable livelihood. 


This program is offered through collaboration with Child and Family Health International (CFHI) and includes a visit to the Rwanda Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. 


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