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Zambia/Botswana International and Community Development

There are a variety of internship opportunities and activities for students interested in areas critical to international and community development.  These include teaching and community development; gender equality and girl empowerment; and environmental sustainability. 


Teaching and Community Development

Teaching and community development interns work alongside local teachers in rural primary schools that are overwhelmed with children wanting to learn. 


Gender Equality and Girl Empowerment

Gender equality and girl empowerment interns support, educate and encourage adolescent girls as they become empowered young women in their community. They also educate/encourage local boys and men about gender equality and overcoming male/female stereotypes. 


Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability interns work closely with the local communities, devising ways to educate residents about the importance of effective waste management and coming up with strategies, like eco-bricking, to recycle or upcycle existing plastic waste.


Afternoon Development Projects

Students will also join in a variety of development projects that help uplift the community including After School Care, Reading Club, Adult Literacy Class, Girl Empowerment, and Life Skills workshops. 

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