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       Student Reflections

Newfound Hope

"As I have come to understand, know and love the people of Ghana, I have been inspired to explore a career in public health. While I have always been interested in healthcare and international development, the realities of what a future in public health could look like, was revealed to me.


As I spent time visiting refugee camps, participating in councils with village chiefs and getting to know various villages: this work on a community level spoke to my heart. Speaking with mothers about their concerns about their children, conferring with families with children with disabilities and helping the elderly get the eye care they desperately needed, was a deeply enriching experience.


 After a conversation with a woman who escaped from domestic violence; I discovered a newfound passion for preventing violence against women and advocating for human rights for young girls and women.


Most importantly, after connecting with others and learning to love freely, I have found myself. Ghana has opened up portions of my heart and windows to my soul I never thought imaginable; and in the best way, I am forever changed."


Spring  2019

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